Next Summit in 2020


The Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network (OFSSGN) will not host an Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Summit in 2019.  The next Summit will be in early 2020.


Why No Summit in 2019?

January and February 2019, the months when we have held the Summit in the past, are the start of the 2019 Legislative Session. We’ve decided that the OFSSGN’s time and resources should be spent on advocating for the 2019 Farm to School Bill, rather than hosting a Summit next year.


We think we can best support you, our stakeholders, and advance the important work you do, by passing (and hopefully expanding) Oregon’s Farm to School bill, securing funding (hopefully more funding!) for your work to incorporate Oregon foods into school meals and provide farm- and garden-based education.


We now plan to host the Summit every other year, during the years when the legislature is not in session, and focus on advocating for the Farm to School bill during the years the legislature is not in full-session (Oregon’s legislature convenes for a full-session every other year). 


How We'll Stay in Touch in 2019

  • The OFSSGN and Regional Hub Lead Organizations will host Regional Gatherings throughout the state in 2019, so there will be opportunities to network within your regions.

  • We hope to offer several opportunities for you to come to Salem to advocate for the Farm to School Bill.

  • You’ll hear about other ways you can advocate for the bill (by calling, writing, etc), starting early 2019.

  • In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to raise the funding needed for the OFSSGN to advocate for the Bill, and we’ll be asking for your support with that effort.  


We’ll miss gathering in one place with all of you in 2019, but we look forward to working together to advance Oregon’s Farm to School movement in the legislature!

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